Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the wednesday chef

I love to cook.  I love to bake.  I find that it relaxes me to be in the kitchen.  I must get it from my mom who, when not sleeping, can always be found in the kitchen cooking.  I like getting the list ready, grocery shopping, organizing the ingredients, prepping, chopping, cooking, tasting, and smelling everything.  I especially love to do this with a glass of red wine - that is perfect.

It has been a while since I've done this and made a meal for Jeff.  So, this week, I declared, that I am going to make him dinner.  Chicken.  (This is not a shocker to those that know me.  I do love chicken.)  Another criteria is that it has to be easy and not take three hours to make, simply because Jackson does not have that kind of patience!  I searched for a recipe and found this fantastic blog, The Wednesday Chef (I even love the name)!  This lemon chicken recipe was voted "Best of the Web" on  It only has seven ingredients - five of which can probably be found in your pantry (olive oil, butter, lemon, salt, and pepper).  The kicker is that it is topped with a lemon-creme fraiche sauce!

It looks divine, yet seems so simple!  I am looking forward to making this lovely dish...but not tonight.  So, I guess you are going to have to call me the "Friday chef"...

(Image and recipe via The Wednesday Chef)