Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the in-between months

I have been on a hiatus.  This much I know.  My husband joked with me the other night about my very brief stint in the blogosphere.  I couldn't really tell him with any confidence why I have just dropped off, but alas, it just happened...I felt uninspired and just uninspiring.  And, maybe a little tired with the lack of sleep and the ever-present juggle of work and family. 

But, after we came back from a much-needed vacation to the country-side in Ireland, I guess I started to kind of miss it.  Could that be?  It's like that guy - that guy that tells his whole life story to the person he hardly knows in the seat next to him on the airplane (whether the seatmate likes it or not...;)).  I'm not sure who even reads this (besides my wonderful sister and my husband;)).  But I guess there is comfort about writing here.  In this space.  Into the great wide open.

So that's it, I'm back. 

For now.