Tuesday, August 10, 2010

my paper-free kitchen

wire basket with dish towels - organized by use 

wire basket with napkins
Right around the time that I went back to work, when Jackson was about 4 months old (I can't believe he is 10 months old now!), I started to notice that we were using a crazy amount of paper towels in the house.  It seems that there is so much more to wash (and therefore, to dry...) for the baby.  I was overly cautious with the baby at the beginning (I think I am less so now)...cleaning everything once, and then, maybe twice over.  It seemed totally wasteful.    

(Btw, my nesting instinct never really went away.  I still feel like the house is a mess and I need to clean and organize everything...!  Does this ever go away?! I wonder.)

So, here we are.  I haven't bought paper towels for a month or so.  I followed a few tips from here.  The most important tips were to create "categories" for the towels in terms of their function (for deep clean, for countertops, etc) and to keep the towels organized and accessible to everyone in the house.  It was easier than I thought!  Here are a few pics to show you how I have them organized!

And...a few of my favorite cloths and napkins that are always in my rotation:

3.  pip-squeak chapeau dish towels (posted earlier...couldn't find a pic on their website) 


  1. this is so cool. i like how you've stored them, too!
    have you ever shopped here:


    seems right up your alley!