Monday, August 30, 2010

hudson valley part 1

Jackson loves farm fresh blueberries.  Can't get enough of them!

We picked up some delicious fresh peaches at the farm and some of Jane's Homemade vanilla ice cream for a quick peach crisp!  It was the perfect dessert on a warm summer night!  We learned about Jane's from the butcher - it is so great how the local businesses all support one another - a real community!

We fed this sweet little guy and his buddies right on our deck every morning.  I think we could have watched them for hours!

Awesome view of the lake on one of our hikes.

Our little fish at Lake Minnewaska.

The nearby farm and bakery where we had our breakfast in the morning!  I want one of those cinnamon muffins right now!

Our last dinner at our country escape.  Jeff is becoming quite the griller.  Jackson and I love to reap the benefits!  These were the biggest, thickest pork chops I've ever seen - we got them from Fleisher's who delivers their meats to Blue Hill and Gramercy Tavern.

We had such a great time being country bump-kins for a long weekend.  We can't wait to go back!


  1. you guys should really go up there! fresh food and so relaxing!