Wednesday, September 28, 2011

apples, part II

the same place.  the same delicious meal afterwards (posted here).  

time has marched on as it always does and, unlike last year, my little man is zipping down hills, helping daddy reach way up high to pick the perfect ones, digging them out of the pickers, and launching the apples into the air at great speeds.  we ended the day with a horse-y ride.  

we have officially kicked off the fall with our favorite of fall traditions.  now, if fall would just come and stay awhile...we are anxiously waiting...


  1. yayyy ! jackson, the apple is not a ball; but you're boots are so adorable ! looks like so much fun. so sad -- i was there for the first ever apple pasta meal. :(

  2. omg. so cute. i just read last year's post. and him saying "ball". :'''''(