Wednesday, September 7, 2011


friends, we made it out safe and sound from the outerbanks.  you can see some beautiful pictures of our trip here!  once i get back into the groove of things, i'll also post some pics from our recent trip to the bronx zoo this past labor day weekend. 
but first, all week wnyc has been airing interviews of family members who lost loved ones during 9/11.  today i listened to  this young girl tell us about her father who suffered injuries but luckily made it out alive.  he fell into depression shortly after the attacks.  she now refers to him as "new dad".  the one that doesn't pay much attention to her anymore, doesn't laugh, or joke like he did before 9/11.  so while everyone expects her to think of her dad as a "hero", she feels differently, like he has changed in many ways.  it was so heart-felt i nearly cried while driving on the FDR.

i am unsure if wnyc does this every year but i imagine these interviews and stories are due to the tenth anniversary this coming sunday.    most anniversaries, come and go.  (i am one of the lucky ones who is able to say that, i know.)  this year feels a little different than the others though.  perhaps it's because they killed Osama, and the focus is more on remembering the lives affected rather than focusing news and memorials on our enemies.  i'm not sure. but this coming sunday, i will among those remembering and praying that those families heal what is broken and empty inside them.  

below is an animated clip from StoryCorps.  they are aiming to record at least one interview for each life lost during 9/11. 
they have other clips that are really sweet.  here is just one.  see them here.


  1. why must talk radio make me weep on my hour long commute in the morning?

    also i will watch all of these clips secretly at my desk now.

  2. Hi Melissa! You visited my blog today and wanted to know about the balloons... here is the link where I got them.
    I had 2 of the 40" and an assorted pack of the 24". They were a big hit! Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks Michelle, the 24" ones just seem so big to fit inside. do you know if i will be able to fit them indoors at all?