Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the last weekend of summer

i remember when labor day weekend was a really big deal.  it was the last weekend of summer to party and soak up the sun.  we would sit in traffic for hours to get to the beach, listening to loud music.  these types of vacations are long gone.  traffic is not my friend and you can just ask my husband how i feel about loud music;);)

this last labor day weekend, we were lucky to have three days in a row together as a family.  for jeff, days off can sometimes be hard to come by.  we took advantage of not having any plans and decided last minute to take jackson to the bronx zoo for the first time.  my favorite part was watching jackson chase the peacocks (there were a lot of them).  he was amazed by the fish and watched them swim around, saying "ooo!  mommy, daddy...pish!!".  we also caught up with the giraffes which always look so graceful and regal to me.  a zoo trip just isn't complete without giraffes.  not sure why that is.
the chill is coming tomorrow.  i hear that it will likely stay around through the weekend.  it may be time to say, sadly, "so long, sweet summer.  you were awesome.  thanks for the memories."


  1. oh i love you jackson. so curious he is. love that. pish? he's so filipino.

    also, low of 48 tonight. :) pumpkin ale time weee!

  2. Update soon. Please and thank you.