Sunday, October 2, 2011

gourmet, october 2007...

i don't keep all cooking magazines.  there are far too many and just not enough space.  ho-hum.  i try hard to keep it down to these three red magazine holders that i bought awhile back.  the other night i was looking for some new apple recipes and came upon an issue of  Gourmet, October 2007.  Score.  With the weekend, came the cooler weather and some time in the kitchen where I've decided that I am at my happiest (with jackson standing on his chair right beside me...can't get any better, i tell you). 

last night, i made bratwurst with creamy apple compote with two pippin apples that i took from our loot.  easy, quick and really good.  tonight, we made the steak "diane".  both recipes are in the october 2007 gourmet issue but can be found here and here.  the sweet treat was an apple cake with maple syrup cream-cheese frosting.  also made with pippins that may or may not have been a little bruised from a toss or two. 

we spent the chilly fall day at the queen's county farm museum (i'll post some pics tomorrow) and ended the day filled to the brim with delicious meals that have me dreaming of next weekend.  

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  1. OMG THIS SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss baking with you and jackson.