Tuesday, August 16, 2011

from throw-down to slow-down

with all this talk of debt crises, downgrades, the fed's ominous "announcement", and even weirder straw polls, everything and everywhere seems to be in hyperactivity mode, right?  and, it feels the same here at home...just without all of that silly political drama.  work has been busy for both jeff and me (jeff is actually working right now while i write this post; i, on the other hand, should be working but just can't bring myself to do so...instead i am making jackson a big pot of swiss chard and lentil soup for the week while watching, what else?  msnbc. )  we are feeling, well...spent.

 the last couple of work weeks had us running around like madmen. so we used our weekends to escape the daily grind and get out of the city for some quiet.  this is what we've been up to.  we even had a short but sweet visit from grandma thrown in.

but, friends, come friday we are headed for a real honest-to-goodness slow-down.  we head to the beach and that lovely southern comfort.  i want to wrap myself around in it for the whole week. we plan on doing the following:

*not putting on shoes with closed-toes
*not looking at a computer screen of any sort
*wearing only bathing suits until we can stand it no more
*getting up each morning to the sound of a bustling kitchen
*getting sand everything
*eating and enjoying delicious home cooked meals and having long talks around the kitchen table
*waking to the sound of waves and smelling the saltwater by 7am
*laughing with family
*forgetting about EVERYTHING besides all of the above

i cannot wait. 

{the first set of photos was taken on our weekend trip to belmar, nj....the second set was taken in cold spring, ny...}

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  1. this is making me sad. i can't believe i don't hate summer after all.

    also, you're an inspiration to us all. obviously i had to update mandingsays.