Tuesday, August 2, 2011

coming home

back in high school, i remember wanting to grow up quickly.  leave my hometown and discover the world. get lost in different cities and learn my way around and all of that.  the last thing i wanted to do was be at home with my parents. jeff and i do still dream of moving abroad someday, and maybe, we will do just that. but right now, with a family of my own, my feet stay planted and "home" takes on a whole new meaning. maybe this comes with age. maybe it's because i now understand how hard my parents worked to built what we all know as "home".

the smell of home-cooked meals from every corner of the house; walks around the neighborhood on a beautiful summer evening with my parents while jackson runs around my old high school baseball field; the deer, crickets, and fireflies; the chatter and noise from the kitchen (along with karaoke, sad to say...:)) as family members gather together on a lazy Sunday afternoon to celebrate my little sister's birthday. all of this warms my heart.

and, years from now, jackson will come to tell me that he is moving away...you know, just because...probably without a job, probably without his family (similar to what i did a long time ago).  i will most likely think to myself (similar to what my mom thought i'm sure)...'why would you want leave us?  this is your home.'

i can only hope that i will have built that same sense of family and comfort for jackson that my parents built for me and my sisters.  so that when that day comes for him to explore his world without me, i will remember that he will eventually come back home...just like we all do.


  1. Ate missy I just teared up a little but reading this...i don't have my own family yet and I feel the same...

  2. that's me... I'M LITTLE !!!!!!! what if jackson doesn't want to leave? what if he wants to stay in brooklyn forevz?

    also, is tma tricia? because this is so a tricia comment.

  3. ding! i hope jackson doesn't want to leave brooklyn. but since he wants to follow you whereever you go...that might not happen;);)