Monday, January 3, 2011

the little things

I'm back!  I took a little hiatus for the holidays (aka totally slacked and couldn't bring myself to think about anything else but "maximizing" the rest of our Christmas...!)  

Today I came upon this fun collection of 50 snowglobes via Anthology.  The LA Times runs a column of various collections of 50 of just about anything from classic movie kisses to poker chips to vintage beer cans to snowglobes.  The snowglobes were the funnest to peruse.  Mostly because my adorable nephew had his own list going.  His favorite gift this Christmas of all the stacks of presents he received?  A tiny snowglobe from grandma and grandpa. 

I think he just gave me my first new year's resolution, one which I am getting better at but have to remind myself every now and again.  To relax, breathe, and treasure the little things in life.   

Happy New Year Everyone!

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