Saturday, January 8, 2011

from Brooklyn to Paris

Found this sweet book today for one of my momma friends who is moving with her family at the end of the month to France.  The book follows this little sparrow, Emma, who leaves her friends and family behind in New York City and flies to Paris.  It is filled with colorful photo spreads of favorite spots throughout the city (like the Brooklyn Bridge and Orchard Street on the Lower East Side) with illustrations of Emma and the friends she meets along the way.  I had to read it again before I wrapped it up.  Plan on giving it to her tomorrow when we see her for a playdate.  Can't wait!

And, here is a shot of my little man running around the apartment yesterday. That face pretty much rules our weekends...;)

P.S. We must be the last people on earth to sign up on Skype and we had our first call from my sister tonight. It was soooo cool!  I'm hooked.

...hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. i will skype with jackson all day ay day.

  2. jackson wanted to call you this morning. he sees the mac and says "Ding! Ding!". it's cute.

  3. thanks elle! hope to see you soon! xo