Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It's been quite a week.  We got back from a wonderful long weekend fall trip up to New England of which I plan on posting pics soon.  But, alas, Jackson has a viral infection (poor thing) and has been feeling under the weather these last few days so my posts will have to wait.  He is slowly on the path to recovery, seemingly, none the wiser.  The other night, though, feeling sick and just plain exhausted, Jackson rose up from bed in the middle of the night with puffy eyes and rosy cheeks, pointed to the window and said, "Bussssss.  Bussss."  He then fell right back down to sleep to finish his dream.  It was heart-melting.

And, speaking of melting, check out this new cookbook by the owners of Tartine Bakery in San Francsico.  The grill cheese looks oozy and delicious.  Awhile back, I took a bread-making class and learned just how simple the art of making bread can be.  It takes little ingredients, just some time and effort.  The end result is so perfectly gratifying.  I hope to be smearing herbed butter on homemade whole wheat bread for my men very very soon.

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