Friday, July 22, 2011

our night-time routine

him: "memi 'uck?"
me:  "baby duck is sleeping."
him: "to-ti?"
me:  "rosie is sleeping."
him:  "be?"
me:  "ben is sleeping.:
him:  "zzzzzz?"
me:  "issy is sleeping."
him:  "'ack?"
me:  "jack is sleeping."

he then oh-so-quietly falls asleep and dreams of all the wonderful friends we met in Ireland.  


  1. you are seriously killing me with this beautifulness! did you take these pics?? LOVE.

  2. thanks H! have to credit Jeff for these least most of them. as always so great to see you!

  3. So fantastic...Love Jackson wearing Wellies and Aran sweater/stonewalls, You and Jackson on doorstep of cottage, connemara ponies, Jack Russell terrier, Jeff and Son walking in meadow...All Awesome! And, the sensibility of the words...poetic and sweet.