Saturday, July 16, 2011

my little succulent

a few weeks ago, we went to our neighborhood flower shop.  we left with loads of knowledge, a tillandsia (an air soil cool is that?), a small succulent plant, some potting soil and other needed accessories.  
once home, jackson and i wasted no time.  here are some shots of the fun we had. 


 unfortunately, these plants need a minimal amount of water (once every 12 days to be exact).  so i anxiously wait for the day to come to watch him pull the chair over to the counter, hop on up as quick as he can, fill the can with water, and we feed our little succulent. 

we will watch it grow together.  


  1. THIS IS A-FRICKIN-DORABLE... it's like a magazine shoot. post a pic of your new hair somewhere!!!

  2. haha...i'm hoping you can come see it in person!;)