Sunday, September 12, 2010

what i treasure

Before another busy week begins, I couldn't resist posting some shots from my parents' house over the weekend.  We had fun with the family as always.  We ate a ton and packed our fridge full of goodies that will last us at least a week or two! Jackson came home exhausted from having a blast playing with his cousins, his aunts, and his lolo and lola!  The kids were very busy.  They found lots of "treasures" on their bike ride and took a little break with some lemonade pops on the front lawn. Jackson found his to be a little tart!  

Well, the weekend is almost over.  Boo.  Here's hoping that the week goes by just as fast as the weekend did...


  1. woah, what does jackson's shirt say? lol. love that pic of you and him on the couch. gawwwgeous shot!

  2. haha thanks heather! but it's ding:):)