Monday, December 20, 2010

Portland, ORE


Why is it that everything that comes out of Portland, Oregon is simple, unique, and just plain cool?  I am not exactly sure how I came across them, but OMFGCo. (aka The Official Manufacturing Company) seems to have their hand in everything that is cool in Portland.  This three-man design studio has worked on the signage and collateral at the Ace Hotel, opened this bar, created their own font, worked on a collection of mugs for Stumptown Coffee, and worked on these tags for a bag collection with Pendleton Wools (also from Portland) and Property Of (though not in Portland, I love their bags).  And if you were lucky enough to be there in November, Portland was home to the first little winter market with amazing local vendors like my favorite, herriot grace.  Check out these cloud cookie cutters and feather towels!

All this, plus a great food and music scene makes me want to take a little trip to the Northwest!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my big sister, Tina!

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