Thursday, November 11, 2010

busy kitchen

It turns out that Jackson has some mild allergic reactions to cow's milk and goat's milk, so we had to find some alternatives.  We turned to rice milk.  I decided to try to make my own at home and found a good recipe here.  The result is somewhat thicker than the store-bought brand, but I dilute it with some water and breast milk and Jackson seems to go for it so far.  Since home-made rice milk lacks some of the essential vitamins that he needs, like calcium, I breaded and baked up some salmon cakes for him that he really seems to dig (thanks to my mom for the delicious leftover salmon!..).  Mini meatballs and pasta with broccoli have also been on the menu.  Now, we just have to make sure that more of it ends up in his mouth rather than the floor!;)

Oh, but our kitchen has been very busy these days - I love it!  

...hope you have a happy weekend!

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